Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer – Ravello

Amalfi Coast – The Modern Sister of the Terazza dell’Infinito of Villa Cimbrone – The New Jewel of Ravello – José Saramago – José Carlos Sussekind


– Oscar Niemeyer

– Auditorium – Franco di Capua

– Fondazione Ravello

– VOX Magazine, Chile



Ravello – Villa Cimbrone – Auditorium



Terazza dell’Infinito – Parco Villa Cimbrone


The Master – Mirror Image on the Cafeteria glazing


“Of the projects that I have been developing of late, the Ravello Theatre is one that interests me most. First because it is an undertaking that is carried out abroad, in one of Italy’s most beautiful cities, Ravello, in a plot of land that commands a wide view of the sea”.


New Terazza – Auditorium building


“It’s not the right angle that attracts me – Nor the hard, inflexible, straight line – created by man.

It’s the free and sensual curve that seduces me – The curve that I can see in the mountains of my country – In the sinuous course of its rivers – On the sea waves – On the body of the favourite woman.

The universe is all made of curves, Einstein’s curved universe”.


Street view of the South-Elevation of the Auditorium from the lower ramp


Looking up from the lower ramp



.North-Elevation from the lower ramp


“Clouds ….. How many unexpected things they suggest! Sometimes they are huge and mysterious cathedrals, obviously (Saint) Exupéry’s terrible warriors, roman chariots riding through cathedrals; at others, the air; or unknown monsters running through the winds at full tilt, and more frequently, because I was always searching, beautiful and vapourous women resting in the clouds, smiling at me from the infinite spaces …”.



Cafeteria opposite of the Auditorium building


“… Soon everything was transformed: the cathedrals vanished in a white fog, the warriors became an endless carnival procession; the monsters hid in dark caves only to emerge even more furious while women would fade, spreading, transformed into birds or black snakes …”.


The Auditorium from the Cafeteria


The Auditorium from the top of the Cafeteria


The new Terazza dell’Infinito – Auditorium building



.View from the upper ramp of the road



On the blank sheet of paper I draw – Straight and curved intertwining lines.

And alert I proceed, and take whatever chances – As I seek out the desired shapes:

Temples and palaces loose in the air – Birds in flight, anything you want

Yet if you take your time examining them in all – you’ill find the enchantment only women have.

I set aside the dream I dreamt – The poverty of the world unsettles me

I want little, very little – almost nothing.

My architecture doesn’t really matter – All I want is for poverty to be overcome

For live to be happier – and our country better loved.


Um abraço, Oscar



“Embedded” – South Elevation


José Saramago – letter to Niemeyer on the occasion of his 90th birthday


Dear Oscar,

Sometime ago, in Guadalajara, Mexico, someone told me that’s customary, in Gypsy parties, to salute one another with these laconic words:”There is a reason!” Nothing else! I suppose, since they don’t mention the so called reason, they presume all the presents know the purpose of such salute, and in the case, always possible, of not existing a total coincidence regarding this purpose, the two words will still mean the same thing. Each person, in the very moment of raising his glass, knows to whom he is addressing the salute.

Writing this letter, I also think of saluting you my friend and fellow: “There is a reason!” Better thinking, however, I guess I should use this salute in the plural:”There are reasons!” – saying that in a very loud voice, so that everyone can hear me. There is a reason for your 90 years of age, the celebration of a long life of fertile work, many candles on the cake, or only one to represent them all. When you blow it, I will be looking, in spirit, over your shoulders, and then you hug your friends, I hope you will also hug me, a hug of spirit that only the spirit can feel. The reasons? The other reasons are your integrity of character, personal dignity, which are more than an conspicuous example, discreet everyday lesson, so natural for those who respect themselves as much as his fellow creature. Someday someone said that a beautiful life might be worthy as much as a beautiful work. I have the privilege of knowing, admiring, estimating and respecting a man – Oscar Niemeyer – an inseparable human and cultural reference on the best of Brazil, in who, magnificently, life and work joined, admirable, one and the other, edifying one and the other. So there are reasons. Not only one reason, but those which were and keep on being proposed by this talented architect, a responsible citizen and a extremely humanistic person to whom I thank and salute, because, there is a reason!

From the heart,

José Saramago




11 thoughts on “Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer – Ravello

  1. je vous remercie de votre gentilesse. les photos et les angles sont parfaits, ideales.
    c’est un endroit, tout a fait, très special.
    tres amicalement, jcsussekind

  2. ….. ich habe deine Fotos angeschaut und bin sehr beeindruckt.
    Liebe Grüsse, Marinella

  3. Hello Ben,

    How are you? I’m Consuelo Bunster, designer from VOX, the new magazine of Teatro Municipal de Santiago (national opera house), and I’m requesting your help, because in your blog are some pictures of Niemeyer’s Auditorium, and I need your permission (and the photographer’s) to use them in our spreads, on our September 2010 edition.

    VOX is the official magazine of the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, Chile’s most important venue. The theater is known for its opera, ballet and musical productions, which are presented by top-notch local and international casts. The magazine focuses on the national and international performing arts and features interviews with important figures as well as reports on lesser-known aspects of the world of theater and music. Edited by Spafax in Chile, VOX benefits from the participation of renowned collaborators, designers and photographers. This monthly publication is distributed by direct mail to 22,000 Teatro Municipal subscribers and has an audience of over 50,000 readers in Chile.

    For our spreads, we need images in 300 DPI quality, as JPG format, in a 20 x 15 measure aprox., pointing who’s the author of the image. In case of any doubt or suggestion, just send me a message as soon as possible.

    I´m sending the links of the theatre and the magazine if you want to see it.

    Best regards,
    Consuelo Bunster B.

    • Thank you Consuelo,

      I just checked the two sites you indicated below, nice work.

      Where is no problem concerning the pictures;
      I have taken them on April 29 of this year;

      so, in case you like to publish the images, please mention my name (according to international practice);
      I wish you fruitful work;

      yours, ben

  4. 06/12/2012


    Forse nessuno, nel corso dei secoli, ha fatto alla Costiera un regalo prezioso e sorprendente come l’Auditorium di Ravello. La civiltà si giudica in base alla riconoscenza. Un popolo che non insegna la riconoscenza ai suoi giovani, è destinato all’aridità dei sentimenti, cioè della vita.

    In occasione della morte di Oscar Niemeyer, il modo migliore per rendergli omaggio è suggerire ai giovani della Costiera amalfitana la riconoscenza verso questo genio, ricordando loro due punti luminosi del suo pensiero.

    Il primo è che la lotta per la giustizia viene al primo posto, insieme all’amicizia e all’amore per la vita: “Ciò che conta non è l’architettura ma la vita, gli amici e questo mondo ingiusto che dobbiamo modificare”.

    Il secondo, strettamente collegato al primo, è che non bisogna mai dimenticare gli sfruttati della terra, calpestati da una ingiusta distribuzione della ricchezza, del lavoro, del potere, del sapere, delle opportunità e delle tutele: “Un senso di generosità mi ha accompagnato per tutta la vita: io mi vergognerei se fossi un uomo ricco”.

    Domenico De Masi

  5. Vogue Paris – picture request

    Dear Ben Huser,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am the picture editor of Vogue Paris. In the June-July issue, we are doing a big story on the Amalfi Coast. We would like to publish the two pictures of yours attached. Is that possible ? If so, could you please send them to me in high res?

    All the best,


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